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james richardson

g33k | tin-foil-hat-wearer | linux dude. An old fart who remembers downloading his first linux kernel from a BBS in the mid-1990s . . .
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The trouble with wildcard certs; Distributing them. Here’s how!

When Let’s Encrypt started issuing wildcard certs (i.e. *.your.domain.com) I was so very happy. In ‘production’ senses, I really dislike them. But for ‘home’ use? Eh, they’re ok. They really simplify the management of being able to use them all over the place. No longer do I need a different cert for my SEIM, wiki, […]

How I Started Using Vault

Vault. It’s the “new” thing (it’s actually not that new). Secrets management. I’m sure you already know what it is if you’re here. What I did to get using it: First, I had to find a host that would run it well enough. I knew I wanted to make my life simple and run it […]

Not dead; Just Busy

There hasn’t been a post in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been busy. I had been thinking of participating in the Hacky Easter event, but I don’t think I’ll even be able to register, much less participate. Oh well. I typically hate the “oh yeah, I’ve been doing so many cool things stay […]

Buffer Exploits

I happen to come across an on-line exploit development class recently. It is/was a class hosted by the Community┬áCity College of San Francisco, but due to some logistical issues the professor is hosting as a ‘pirate class’ — available to everyone for free.   After the first couple weeks, I’m having a blast in it. […]

Long time Pi; First time Arduino

Long time RaspberryPi fan here. My first Arduino though has arrived. First step is to print out a case for it (1/2 done already) …. Next steps? Who knows. I need a project for it.

centralized authentication

Isn’t it funny how what should be a simple task turns into a complicated project in no time flat? After checking out letsencrypt.org for some web site SSL stuff, I decided it was time to start moving the self-signed certificates over to ‘real’ certs too. I’ve for a long time run some internal LDAP services […]